Best Flip Down TV Mounts

People who live or who have lived in small houses or small apartments often face challenges finding a suitable place to fit everything they need and yet not make it look congested. Most often, many people are trying to find ways to make their small spaced houses look cosy and comfortable. The best way to make this possible is by installing flip-down TV mounts that may save space and look good. A flip-down TV mount is the perfect space saver that mounts to ceilings or other surfaces and gives a better viewing experience. These flip down TV mounts keep your screen out of sight until you want it.

Nowadays, there are various choices of flip-down TV mounts available for people to choose from. People have to keep two important things in mind before purchasing the flip down TV mount. Firstly, the place where you want to fix it. This depends on your area of space, and it could be either on ceilings, cabinets or below a rack or desk. The second important thing is television’s size. You need to find the best flip down TV mount that perfectly fits your TV. These two things will help you to fit your TV in a very convenient manner.

As there is a wide variety of flip-down TV mounts available, these TV mounts’ price can vary depending on the characteristics you want. The cheapest versions of flip-down TV mounts are the manual fold-down TV mounts whereas the expensive models are the ones which are called motorized flip down TV mounts. We should keep the features in mind before purchasing it. Below is a list of the top 5 flip-down TV mounts.

Recommended Flip Down TV Mount

MI-4222 TV Ceiling Mount Kitchen Under Cabinet TV Bracket Folding

This TV mount is a great space saver and organizer for your home or workplace. The precise testing for stability features and the strength features gives this mount the number one place in the list. This fold-down TV Mount is created so that it holds devices with screens that are about 17 inches to 37 inches in size and this Mount is designed to fit pitched ceilings or corners.

The full tilt property and swivel property that exist in this Mount ensures the best viewing experience of your TV by sitting anywhere in your place. It is completely adjustable so that it fits your exact needs. It also allows you to find the perfect TV position for a better viewing experience.

Locteck Tilting Wall Ceiling TV Mount

Second, in the list is this Locteck CM1 TV Mount. This TV mount is designed to hold devices whose screen sizes are about 26 inches to 55 inches. This Mount also has swivel features and tilt features. This Mount contains adjustable height options which allow you to fix your screen in the position you like.

This Mount is very easy to install. It can hold devices that are up to 132 lbs. This feature makes this flip-down TV mount the one that carries the most weight among the list. Anyone who is looking for a mount for a  large or heavy television can choose this Mount.

Mount-It! MI-4211 TV Ceiling Mount Kitchen Under Cabinet TV Bracket Folding

Mount-It! MI-4211 is designed to hold slightly smaller displays whose screens are about 13 inches to 21 inches in size. It has an articulating arm that makes a great space saver and organizer for your home.

Mount-It! MI-4211 has the same properties as in the Mount-It! MI-4211 in its ability to tilt, adjust and swivel.  This TV mount is well built and can hold up to a maximum capacity of 44 pounds. It is the optimal choice for motorhomes and automobiles as it is sturdy and can minimize movements or vibrations of the road. 

VIVO Electric Motorized Flip Down Pitched Roof Ceiling TV Mount

Much like the previous two mounts, this flip-down TV Mount is designed in a way so that it can hold large devices on pitched ceilings or corners. It supports televisions of screen size from 22 inches to 53 inches. The feature that makes this mount different from others is that it is completely motorized, and it is also provided with an easy remote adjustment.

This Mount comprises robust metals such as steel and has a sleek modern design. This ceiling mount is built to last and fits well in any home or office environment. It can hold weight up to 66 lbs. This Mount’s height is easily adjustable, making it very convenient to place your screen as you like.

VIVO Manual Flip Down Under Cabinet Mount Folding Tilt Pitched Roof Ceiling Mounting

VIVO Manual Flip Down is a non-motorized or manual model of the TV mount that is described above. This Mount has the same steel construction as that of the motorized VIVO Mount. It is designed to hold 13 inches to 27 inches screens.

It is constructed of solid steel and aluminium which provides durability and longevity. The sturdy design of steel ensures the robustness of the Mount while maintaining it’s functionality.

Foldable Ceiling TV Mount Features

  • Compatibility With The TV: Check for the following specifications of your TV:
    • Dimensions
    • Weight
    • VESA Mounting options
  • Motion of The Mount:  According to your need, you can look out for range, and rotation features since all of these mounts can wing or fold.
  • Manual or motorized: There are motorized models and manual models of TV Mounts available. You can choose any one of the two that best fits your requirements.
  • Type of Mount:  The type of the Mount depends on where you want to place your television. You must either choose to Dropdown ceiling mounts or the ones that are suitable for cabinets.
  • Installation Process: It is important to understand things that would be needed for the installation process or any external assistance.


The Flip Down TV Mounts are the best and the most convenient options to choose from for people living in small-sized spaces or those who need modern mounts for their TV. The flip-down mounts are the perfect space saver as it mounts to ceilings and other surfaces. These mounts fit well to any home or office environment or any other place where you’d like your TV to fit. The flexibility and reliability features of the mounts are available to provide the best viewing experience.

It is best to consider your place’s size and your television’s size before purchasing the mounts to prevent any difficulty in installations.