Best DVD Wall Mounts

Overall, DVD mounts have the same duty of carrying DVD players or cable boxes come in many varieties and designs. You’ll be amazed by how creative the creators have got for DVD players. The main differentiation that one can make on DVD mounts is based on the DVD player’s dimensions, load-carrying capacity, and the tilt range. All brands offer a product with different compatibility because not all DVD players are identically the same. Also, the different aspects can be seen in design and appearance.

Best DVD Wall Mounts For Your Money

The demand for DVD and DVD players has seen a massive flourish. The main reason for this is the increment in films and the growth of the film industry overall. A DVD player is more like a support buddy to your craze to watch as many movies as possible. 

Say that you already have a DVD wall mount and while you were having a great time with the movies, your DVD mount fails to hold the DVD player any longer and falls. If you don’t want this to turn out as true and secure the DVD player, getting a reliable DVD mouth is what you must do.

Wall Mount Kit with Cable Organization for DVD Players by Ematic (EMD211)

The 5mm eye-catchy black glass shelf tempering is the limelight of this DVD wall mount that gives you an aesthetic at home. Because the weight carrying capacity is up to 17.6 lbs, you can even store your gaming consoles and cable box on the shelf.

This DVD mount’s look is so great that it can lift the vibes and can even be used as a corporate shelf for the office. This ultra-slim DVD mount comes in a black glossy colour that portrays a very classy impression.

Buying this product will keep you without worries regarding the height you may want the gadget at since the glass shelf is completely adjustable. You will also have the required hardware at the box itself along with the manuals.

Steel Wall-Mounted AV Shelf by ECHOGEAR (EGAV1)

This black in colour DVD wall mount comes in a shatterproof steel shelf, 1.5 inches thick that can be mounted in almost any kind of walls- brick, wood, or concrete. The DVD mount itself, weighing 3.7 lbs, can carry a load up to 15 lbs. The installation, as well, will hardly take 15 minutes of your time.

Mount-It! MI-814C Floating Wall Mounted Shelf and TV Wall Mount Bracket

A strong DVD mount is what they call this because of its capability of carrying weight up to 88 lbs. This DVD mount is also larger in terms of surface area- 16.5 inches wide and 11.8 inches thick. The shelf has a single line of silver-painted glass along with a relatively delicate aluminium plate. Each hardware that you’ll need in making this mount is already included in the package, so kudos to that!

VideoSecu DVD DVR VCR Wall Mount Bracket for DVD Player

One of the best DVD walls mounts at a reasonable price is this. And given its price, the look of this shelf may not be that great. But the job it does is just superb. Besides keeping your DVD players, you can also easily accommodate your VCR, DVR, and cable boxes that weigh fewer than 20 lbs. For those that believe in keeping everything simple or wanting to save money while scoring the best products, this DVD wall mount will be the best option.

Kanto AVS1 AV Component Wall Shelf

This 10.1 weighting DVD player is a great option for those that want a strong, capable DVD mount that also gives a nice looking ambience. The tempered glass helps give your room a great look, while also being able to bear weight up to 30 lbs. One unique perk about this DVD player is that it can be adjusted vertically as well.

What To Know When Buying A DVD Wall Mount

A DVD mount is something that every furnished home gets done these days. Along with saving a lot of space, it can play wall decor- provided the DVD mount is good looking. To have a proper and suitable DVD wall mount, there are certain things you should follow.

Check what your wall is made out of and whether the DVD mount will be able to get fixed on it. But as far as it goes, almost all types of DVD mounts are compatible with any kind of wall.

Also, look for size and weight. Especially when you are looking for DVD mounts online, keep in mind the dimensions you want to fit in that specific wall. If you are keeping that DVD mount as a decor piece, a perfect DVD mount size suitable for the fixed wall is what you have to get.

When it comes to weight, not all DVD mounts will carry a weight of 30 lbs and more! The DVD mounts come with a specific weight carrying capacity. The one that has better weight capacity is usually more on the costlier sides.

Some DVD mounts also come with tilt arms that happen to offer a perk for longer DVD players. On the other hand, there are DVD mounts designed for the corners of the room. So in case, you wanna mount your DVD mount on a corner area of the room, find one to proceed with.


In the end, when you are finally up with getting one, make sure you know what type and the proper size you want to fit into the wall. The best thing about modern-day DVD wall mounts is that installing them happens to be the easiest with no need of calling a professional. Instead, the manuals are just enough. The in the box hardware kit that comes included in the package gives out a bonus.