5 Best Motorized TV Mount

The way we watch television has changed over the past few years. People have started using Motorized TV Mounts in their houses and workplaces. This happened when they realised the advantages of using motorized TV mounts. These TV mounts can save space and are also suitable for places with limited space for having home theatre setups and equipment for office presentations.

Some people still have second thoughts on using these motorized TV mounts. Few of these people believe that it is too risky for their TVs to hang from ceilings or walls and especially when their TVs can move or tilt in different directions as and when required. Others think that installing these motorized mounts would be a hectic and time-consuming process.

The motorized mounts for TVs are mainly designed to make better use of the latest forms of televisions that are the LCDs, LEDs and plasma flat-screen TVs. Also, if you notice there are screws and bolts attached to your TV, they can mount themselves to these TV mounts.

These motorized mounts are very easy to fix and use. You do not need any external assistance to securely fit these mounts to your TV. Below is the list of 5 best-motorized TV mounts.

Wall & Ceiling TV Mounts We Recommend

VIVO Electric Flip Down TV Mount

The VIVO Electric Motorized TV Mount is made using robust metals such as steel and has a sleek frame. This motorized TV mount is designed in such a way that it can hold 23 inches to 55 inches LCD, LED and Plasma flat-screen TVs. Also, it can handle weights up to 60 pounds. You do not have to worry about the safety of your device as this device is tested to stand firm against three times it’s holding capacity. You can move and tilt your TV from 75 degrees to 0 degrees with the help of this mount.

FLP-210 In-Ceiling Flip Down Motorized TV Mount

It is a motorized ceiling TV mount wrapped up in a sleek frame, and it is 4.5 inches in thickness. This motorized TV mount is designed in such a way that it can hold 32 inches to 50 inches LCDs, LEDs and Plasma flat-screen TVs. This amount is also equipped with cable protection. It is possible to move and tilt the TV with the help of the motorized ceiling mount’s remote and the switch accessories provided with this device. This motorized TV mounts would be good incorporation to your home automation setup with its automatic power on and power off feature.

Displays2go Motorized Wall Mount

The Displays2go Motorized Wall Mount is made using aluminium and steel materials. This TV mount, like the others, also comes with motorized accessories. This mount has a shiny and strong frame. This motorized TV mount is designed in such a way that it can hold 23 inches to 55 inches LCD, LED and Plasma flat-screen TVs. This mount can handle weights up to 88 pounds.

This amount is provided with a remote for convenient use to make adjustments for your TV through the integrated arm. This motorized mount is also equipped with an adapter to improve its mechanical features.

This motorized TV mount has a noise-free layout that can help reduce any kind of distractions while you are watching your favourite shows. This TV mount is suited with mounting standards that vary from 200×200 mm to 400×400 mm VESA specifications.  

Level Mount Full Motion Articulating Motorized Wall Mount

With this motorized TV mount, it is possible to reduce the neck or eye strain by changing the TV positions up to 15 degrees or by panning it from up to 30 degrees. This mounting device has to extend and swivel features that you can use up to 10.5 inches from your TV.

The motorized ceiling TV mount is built so that it can hold 26 inches to 42 inches HD and LED TVs and 10 inches to 42 inches LCD and Plasma flat-screen TVs. This mount supports weights up to 100 pounds. This motorized mount is provided with cord managing features that are very easy to use, and that can help avoid any accidents that can be caused by wires and cables.

Salamander PM100/M Pilot Motion 100 Medium Motorized Wall Mount

The Salamander PM100/M Pilot Motion 100 Medium Motorized Wall Mount is built to comply with VESA specifications and universal TV mounting standards. It is also packaged with a sturdy and sleek frame which can fit any LCS, LED or Plasma flat-screen TVs. This motorized TV mount is designed to hold screens whose sizes are about 35 inches to 50 inches. It can support weights up to 110 pounds.

This motorized wall TV mount is equipped with extension wings that can provide you with wide TV frame support and more vertical adjustment options. This motorized mount can help you remotely swivel and tilt your TV using the remote that is provided with the mount.

Buyers Guide – Features To Look Out For

  • Compatibility with TV: Select amount such that it should properly fit your TV, which is the basic standard of selection. Each mount will have the following specifications:
    • Dimensional size
    • Weight
    • VESA Mounting pattern
  • Motion: Depending on what you are looking for, the motorized mounts will have variations in movements, and you can decide this based on how far you want your TV to move.
  • Remote Control Options: Different mounts will have different control systems. Most of the models come with a standard remote. If your place has a home automation system, then you’ll have to determine how to integrate it into your setup.
  • TV Mount Type:  The type of the mount depends on where you want to place your television. The options to think about are Wall Mount and Ceiling Mount.
  • Installation: Before purchasing, think if you can install it yourself or if you need any assistance and the cost required to install.
  • Price


The motorized TV mounts offer the best options for quality and design standards. These mounts give the television a neat and tidy look from behind. An optimal choice for a motorized TV mount would be the one that perfectly fits your TV in terms of its size and weight. Another important thing to keep in mind before purchasing a motorized TV mount is the size of space where you plan to fit your TV. It could be either a ceiling or a wall.

It is best to consider the size of space and your television’s size to avoid any difficulty in installations.    

The top choice for a motorized TV mount is the VIVO Electric Motorized Flip Down Pitched Roof Ceiling TV Mount. The best-motorized TV mount for your TV is the one that can be customed to a specific area so that it can be adjusted as you want.